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  Commission InfoWell, I thought long about this and after I was asked for it, I decided to start taking commissions for a while. If you are interested, then please read the following:
+What I'm gonna do+
- your character/OC (priority here would be Transformers OC and anything animallike)
- your character as an animal or any other creature, that isn't copyrighted or only copyrighted by myself (Speedhunter)
- any other animal or creature that isn't copyright by someone else, you want me to design for you
- bloody, creepy or sexual stuff, as long as it isn't too extreme
- animals in general
+What I'm NOT gonna do+
- single landscapes/backgrounds
- your character as an existing creature, that is copyrighted by someone else (lockjaw, zerudo, noface etc.)
- fanart (copyright!)
- too cartoonish or too realistic things
Please ask me, if you have any questions!! =D
- Sketch --> 5 - 10$   Examples:
- Lineart --> 10 - 20$   Examples:

Speedhunter Logo stamp by Shade-SilverWing Characters (so far...):
Greyhound STAMP by Shade-SilverWingRuna STAMP by Shade-SilverWingBullboe STAMP by Shade-SilverWingAchal STAMP by Shade-SilverWingVitu STAMP by Shade-SilverWingTiri STAMP by Shade-SilverWingDusty STAMP by Shade-SilverWingSaluki STAMP by Shade-SilverWingSloughi STAMP by Shade-SilverWingMazar STAMP by Shade-SilverWingShagali STAMP by Shade-SilverWingTuron STAMP by Shade-SilverWing
Speedhunter - DESERT BEAUTIES by Shade-SilverWingSpeedhunter - FIGHT by Shade-SilverWing
Speedhunter - Acinonydracus by Shade-SilverWing
Date Masamune by HemuvelAtem Stamp by TigerShinigamiI iz Cold by FreckledAndFearlessYuusei Head Turn-Stamp by DarlingTenshiYGO GX Stamp: Judai by xStormyChaosCrow Hogan by YueBayYGO5D Stamp: Ramen by xStormyChaos- Stamp: Yuma and Astral. - by ChicaTH
Stamp-Luffy by AkatsukiGirl11Stamp - Portgas D. Ace by coffeefanatic3462Bleach Hitsugaya Stamp 1 by erjanksChrno Crusade Fan Stamp by ElzamineInuyasha Stamp by DemitriaMiriamStamp -Goth- 2 by Metal-CosxArtVegeta Stamp by PixieDust01Don Karnage stamp by Shade-SilverWingBumblebee Stamp by emerald-equineBlurr stamp by HellblazeStarscream Stamp by DemonicHalfShellI was a little craycray by KashimusPrimeKnockout Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy
+Datesana Stamp+ by Dokugan-ryuNaruSaku Stamp by Kosiuko-sannot enough Gargoyle love... by theIronArtistIchiRuki Stamp by jta45D's Stamp - Aki x Yuusei 2 by YuseiFudoFans'5D's Stamp' by JackCarlyclubwreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-InkLucille and Francoeur Stamp by Dragon-Star-EmpressInuKag 4ever Stamp by JusbeneD. Brothers - Stamp by KaorulovConnorline stamp by M0onBunnyThe ultimate Rufus x Goal stamp! by qBATGIRLq''The Hardcore DO Understand...'' - Stamp by Wolf-Chalk
Stamp Sengoku Basara by MiaKa-CiDNaruto Shippuden by sketchedmonkeyYu-Gi-Oh Japanese Stamp by DAS-StampWith Another Tale to Spin by chishkabobTFA Stamp by suzidragonlady
Never Ending Call by 2B-chanYu-Gi-Oh Stamp by Cute-and-Cuddly-BB hug time stamp- by SeishinKibouThe best punch - OP Stamp by KaorulovI am Uchiha Madara by AzixelAnimated Starscream Stamp by Dragon-Star-EmpressShake Those Hips Starscream Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress
Lu Bu Stamp by ginacartoonKoei Fan Stamp by MagnoliasDragonAssassin's Creed by DesaesedThe Soul Reaver stamp by Jewel-ReaverRaziel Fangirl Stamp by four-eyed-samuraiAltair fan stamp by soulshinigamiI love Ezio by Coley-sXeConnor Kenway stamp by WhiteDevil350Assassin's Creed III: Aveline by VhazzaTomb Raider stamp 2 by WhiteDevil350
Dungeons and Dragons Stamp by MaksnPredator lover by AvalanchaWalt Disney. by Snuf-StampsDreamWorks Animation stamp by Yamashita-chanHarry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAvatar Stamp by DragonHeartLuverTransformers Stamp by nakashimarikuProud Twilight Fan Stamp by fairlyflawedKung Fu Panda - Po Stamp 7 by squishy-pawsMegamind Love Stamp by smileystamps
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I Planted A Tree Stamp by ApocalipticFaintNature Lover-Stamp by Dinoclawsdwarf hamster love by Queer4BarbieWolves stamp by TollerkaCheetah stamp by TollerkaIt's Impossible to Hate Cats by squeezycheesecakeBats Are Cute Too by genkistampsStamp: Tornado Love by Rapha-chan
  • Listening to: Guardians of the Galaxy - Original Score
  • Reading: Assassin's Creed - Unity
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LoK - Your Sword...
Haven't drawn my two favourite vampires in ages Oo

I cannot tell how much I miss those games...
And it is such a pity, they never continued or got a reboot for PS3 or PS4. That would have been so bloody epic...
The LoK series has the most complex storyline (developing through 5 different games!) and some of the greatest dialogues (with incredible voice acting) I have ever seen in a videogame. And some of those cutscenes, especially in Defiance, gave me the chills.
This specific scene, which I decided to choose for the picture, will always have a special place in my heart. On one side it's a really sad one, because Raziel willingly gave up his life to help Kain defeat the elder god. On the other side I was amazed, that Kain - the same Kain, who threw poor Raziel into the vortex just out of jealousy (and also because he feared his leader positon could be in danger...) - was nearly begging him, NOT to sacrifice himself. Did he see him as a friend again in the end? Just like Raziel did? I fear we will never know...

Please, it. There a still so many fans out there, waiting....

Character(c)Crystal Dynamics/Eidos
Strange Magic - Fireflies
So I saw the animated movie "Strange Magic" a few days ago...
A movie I had never heard about before (stumbled across some clips on youtube) and that, how I learned afterwards, earned very bad critique. I have to admit that it started so damn cheesy and sugarcoated with a lots of stereotypes, that my first impression was an amused "What the f*** is this?" XD
But as the story went on I really started to love the two protagonists Marianne and Bog King, as well as their amazing designs and their developing relationship. Because of those two I think it's a real pity the storywriters went for a more humerous, not-to-be-taken-so-serious movie, instead of something big and epic...which, I do believe, would have been a possible thing regarding the potential, the movie shows in a few scenes (f.e. when the "Strange Magic" song is such a sweet and powerful scene full of small, but meaningful details).
But before this text gets quite too long, let me stop at that point and just say, that in the end I really enjoyed the film, mainly because I love those two. That's why I felt the urge to draw something sweet about them and this is what came to my mind^^
I hope it shows how much I appreciate this sweet "Beauty and the Beast" - couple! 

TMNT scribbles of Doom
Another picture i totally forgot about. Started it in spring last year and then it kinda got lost in the darker regions of my brain Oo
Why do my character studies always end up so big? Same with the Kung Fu Panda picture I did in april XD

I really like this version of the Ninja Turtles series. The designs are cool and I especially LOVE how they did Splinter in this one! Prettiest rat I've ever seen! And that voice...

(Yes, I ship AprilxDonny and LeoxKarai. Hooray for relationships between two different species!!)

Some poses/scenes were referenced (f.e. the kissing one).

DBZ Saiya Wolfs - Lupos and Yindja
Wasn't sure about posting that one here on DA. Those two characters belong to a Dragon Ball Z doujinshi, that I started drawing back in 2001 and "relaunched" it in 2013. I am still working on it and it goes well so far, but for now there is only a german version, that you can find here:…

If you guys are interested in an english version, just let me know. I will consider translating it then.

About the two characters:
Lupos is the main villain of the fancomic. Everybody refers to him as a demon, but in fact there is much more to this little guy, as it seems at first.
Yindja is a Saiyan-Halfblood. She is quite tomboyish and not feminine at all, but on the other hand very sensitive and understanding. Her fighting skills and strength are exceptional.

Dragon Ball Z(c)Toriyama
Characters, Saiya Wolfs (c)Me


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